Chop This!


My wife likes this show. Sometimes I sit and watch with her and I get swept into the excitement of the competition. It took me a while to figure out that I would really hate to taste any of their dishes. Here are some people who are supposed to be great chefs. What they want the competitors to do is create amazing (according to them) dishes. Continue reading

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Caramel Coloring (E150 in the EU) Is a Fraud!


I have spent the last two hours trying to find out if the brandy I like has any additives. I couldn’t find the answer. In the process, I found out that most of the cognacs that I enjoy, when I can afford them, have caramel color in them. It makes them look older, so the manufacturers can charge more money for them. Sadly, I also found out that some of my favorite single malt Scotch whiskeys have the same flaw. I am not allergic to whatever they add, but I try to live a pure life, as much as possible. I am talking about food and Continue reading

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Einstein’s God

Religious people are so gullible. I guess one of them came up with this bogus story and others are propagating it. I assume that none of them had read anything actually written by Einstein. His arguments about the existence of God are not that simple and they are quite ambiguous. But back to this silly video. Continue reading

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For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been the capital city of Israel. If you don’t believe me, just check your history books, or Google it or something. As far as I know, no one disputes the fact that King Solomon had built his temple in Jerusalem about 3,000 ago. Continue reading

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I try to stay away from political issues as much as I can – so, this is not about that. It is about ignorance. As I said, I try to stay away from political issues and I do not even like football or any other spectator sports. Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Yahoos Bring You Down!

YahoosFor the third year in a row I started posting my poems on an April poetry blog. I find inspiration in everything and the things I write are very eclectic. Some of them are also quite erotic, which did not seem to bother anyone in previous years. I am a self-published author and though I have not yet managed to sell many books, I consider that to be quite an achievement anyway. So, this year’s poems went down fabulously – I got complemented by the lady who runs the blog, who is also a published poet with a fine arts degree. It was flattering! Even more than that, I impressed quite a few poets who wrote very positive comments about my poems. Continue reading

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urinalsAmsterdam Urinals

These urinals are a common sight in Amsterdam and nobody thinks about them twice. They are of course biased towards women, but I am trying to make a different point. The point is about the mores of different peoples. It is very unlikely that this kind of freedom will be available in the United States in the near and for some states perhaps very distant future. I consider urinals to be a symbol of a male chauvinistically dominated society. But again, let’s just skip over that and get to the point.

The point really is about toilets in public places and the big to-do about transgender people. It is ridiculous to see Obama decree a set of guidelines about it and Trump threating to dismantle them. Continue reading

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